All Things Bloom

Decaf - Colombia


If an outstanding decaf is what you’re after, than look no further. An initial marzipan aroma leads to candied lemon. A long brown sugar note lingers in the finish. As far as decaffeinated coffees go, this is unbelievably good.

Quality score of 84


Category Decaf
Country Columbia
Farm Huila & Tolima Regions
Flavours Apricot, Toffee, Caramel, Rich Cocoa
SCA 84
Bean Castillo Caturra Columbia
Process Sugarcane
Altitude 16-1900m


Recommended brewing:
Batch Brew, Chemex, Frenchpress, Espresso, Stovetop

The ink is still drying on our fully branded bags so for now you’ll be sent the same beautiful coffee in simpler packaging.