Hello, we’re Andrew, Tom, Henry and John. A group of social entrepreneurs, hospitality and coffee experts, all about making a difference with absolutely beautiful coffee.

Beautiful in the way its roasted to perfection and packed with quality flavours from across countries. Coffee enjoyed to its fullest potential, be it in the office, at the gym or out and about. 

And beautiful in the way it makes an impact; to the local farmers we source from, the communities we partner for life with, and to the vulnerable people we train as baristas, alongside our sister social initiative Home Kitchen.

Seeing smiles after sips of our coffee. Feeling the room abuzz with ideas over a cup. Watching the people we’ve worked with blossom into individuals confident in their careers. That’s where we get our energy from: that’s when all things bloom.



Upskilling with vulnerable people in the UK

In the UK, we’re working with our sister social initiative Home Kitchen to set up barista training programmes for people affected by homelessness. Because when members of communities become confident in themselves and their careers: that’s when all things bloom.

Partnering with women farmers in Brazil

We’ve committed to a life-long partnership with Brazil’s Café Delas: a programme dedicated to empowering women farmers in Brazil to become leaders and get the credit they deserve for the beautiful work they do.

Supporting communities in northern Zambia

Much of our beautiful coffee is bought from Zambia with our importer, Covoya. In this land of blue skies and red cherries, coffee relationships like ours are enabling projects in ecosystem restoration, community education, women empowerment, beekeeping and much more.